Positive Steps in Kenya

Empowering the Youth to care for the disadvantaged in their communities

An Introduction of Sorts

The Kenyan Orphan and Youth Network (KOYNET) is not exactly a household name so it makes sense to give a quick explanation!

KOYNET exists because the children and youth that are the most affected by persistent poverty deserve a chance at a real future- not just survival.  By working with communities and the caregivers within these communities, we feel that we can raise the level of care given to Orphaned and Vulnerable Children (OVC) and prepare them to take advantages of opportunities that will enable them to achieve greater things.

Children from disadvantaged backgrounds have a great, unrealised potential

Our strategy is to work through the caregivers and strengthen their capacity to care, teach and nurture these children.  We want to begin by giving them tools to better communicate with other caregivers as well as to resource providers such as other health clinics, schools and organisations.  The tools we want to introduce will be a mix of old and new technology.  We are not technophiles intent on proving that technology will solve all problems.  It’s really a matter of the best tool for the problem.

There’s more to KOYNET then what I’ve described but I’ll let you learn more about what we’re doing by following this blog!  We ALWAYS welcome feedback and anything you have to say to us.


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